2021 Annual Disability Statistics Supplement


Overview. The Annual Disability Statistics Supplement is a companion report to the Annual Disability Statistics Compendium. The Supplement presents statistics on the same topics as the Compendium with additional categorizations by demographic characteristics including age, gender and race/ethnicity.

Additional Resources. In addition to the Supplement, a companion Annual Report is available, providing graphic representations of key findings. The Annual Report highlights trend data related to specific tables in the Compendium and Supplement. The statistics presented here, as well as those in the Compendium and Annual Report, can be viewed and downloaded at https://www.disabilitycompendium.org. Help navigating any of these resources can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section at https://www.disabilitycompendium.org/faq. Assistance in interpreting and locating additional statistics is available via our toll-free number, 866-538-9521, or by email, disability.statistics@unh.edu.

Disclaimer. Please note that one year change-in-gap tables such as Table 3.20, Table 3.36, Table 3.37, Table 3.38, Table 3.39, Table 3.40, Table 3.56, Table 3.57, Table 3.58, Table 3.59, Table 3.60, Table 3.67, Table 3.68, Table 3.75, Table 3.76, Table 6.33, Table 6.34, Table 6.35, Table 6.36, Table 6.37, Table 6.38, and Table 6.39 have been removed this year because comparison to prior years are not recommended. 

Caution should be used when examining estimates based on fewer than 25 survey respondents (e.g., state level estimates that examine race by disability in states with low populations of some race/disability groups). If you have questions about any specific data points, please contact us at disability.statistics@unh.edu.

Suggested Citation. Paul, S., Rafal, M.C., & Houtenville, A.J. (2021). Annual Disability Statistics Supplement: 2021. Durham, NH: University of New Hampshire, Institute on Disability.