2021 Release

2021 Virtual Release of the Annual Disability Statistics Compendium

We hope you enjoy this four-part virtual release of the Annual Disability Statistics Compendium from February 9-12, 2021, 12:00-1:15 pm. During this webinar series, experts presented three web-based tools (Compendium, Supplement, and State Report) that make finding and using disability statistics easier for individuals working on legislative and other matters relating to persons with disabilities.

Speaker List (PDF)

Agenda (View as PDF)

Day 1 (Tuesday, Feb. 9): Release of the Annual Report and Compendium


Download Day 1 Transcript (txt) | Download Day 1 Audio (m4a)

Q&A Day 1 (doc)

Moderator: Andrew Houtenville (UNH)

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Day 2 (Wednesday, Feb. 10): Federal Data Collection and Adjusting to COVID Environment


Download Day 2 Transcript (txt) | Download Day 2 Audio (mp4)

Q&A Day 2 (doc)

Moderator: Kirstin Painter (NIDILRR)

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Day 3 (Thursday, Feb. 11): Impact of COVID-19 for People with Disabilities


Download Day 3 Transcript (txt) | Download Audio Day 3 (mp4)

Q&A Day 3 (doc)

Moderator: Amanda Reichard (NIDILRR)

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Day 4 (Friday, Feb. 12): Disability and African Americans


Download Day 4 Transcript (docx) | Download Day 4 Audio (mp4)

Q&A Day 4 (doc)

Moderator: Shelly Reeves (NIDILRR)

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